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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

S50 - New Portable Sirius Satellite Radio Player

If you're serious about keeping your music with you at all times, the Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver and MP3/WMA Player System Pack may be just what you're looking for. Small enough for your shirt pocket, and loaded with all the accessories you need to play it over your car stereo, the Sirius S50 offers an intoxicating blend of satellite radio and digital music capabilities that are certain to transform your portable listening experience.

The Sirius S50 is an intelligent leap forward in Satellite Radio technology providing integration of both live and time shifted content for portable use, including MP3/WMA support and My SIRIUS Studio PC Software. The simplified user interface has a brilliant color screen, contextual media dial, and voice prompts for safe driving.Sirius S50 is a personalized satellite radio experience both on air and off. The many docking options have a simplified user interface for live content and up to 50 hours of intelligent time shifted playback. The slim portable player connects with the PC for downloading digital audio files from your personal music collection.The latest in Satellite Radio technology combines live reception within the home, car, or office with a portable player, which boasts a full color screen and over 50 hours of content storage. Add your favorite MP3's to recorded exclusive content from Sirius for personalized play lists with the PC Software.When placed in a powered dock with an antenna, the Sirius S50 receives live broadcasts from Sirius Radio and records content for playback in the home, car or when portable.

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  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Omg!!!! what a freaking scam!"

    ive had 4 of these total...yes..4! i kept taking them back for a while, even after updating the software these things have had many different problems..too many to list. freezing, no psram support, other lame issues. anyone ever get 20 hrs of raw dog just record itself?..then you go to delete it, and it cant even find the file to delete it...i cant GET enough of the content..i have HAD enough of the S50..and to top it off, i never got my 50 dollar rebate! and howard, 1 word for you..DIRECTV..good lord, comcast on demand boxes..thats another one.. ---eric

  • At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The satellite radio customers are like members of a political party: they’re loyal, and are happy to argue over why their company is better than the other company, and why the other company stinks.

    In satellite radio, there are only two horses in the race: XM and Sirius. And since there are only two, the companies are forced to differentiate themselves since they are selling essentially the same product/service. But instead of the companies, the listeners are the ones that are campaigning for their satellite radio provider.

    I’ve definitely been guilty of this. I’m a very happy XM Radio customer. I have friends that have subscribed to Sirius, and I often find myself arguing with them about why Sirius is inferior to XM. When I listen to Opie and Anthony and hear clips of Howard Stern trying to slam XM, it’s like hearing a presidential candidate telling lies about the guy I’m going to vote for.

  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "When attached to a home dock, car dock or executive docking
    station, the SIRIUS S50 provides easy access to live content, and captures and
    stores both scheduled and unscheduled SIRIUS programming. This feature allows
    users to listen to SIRIUS' unique programming anywhere."

    Seems pretty obvious that you use the dock to record the stations you want, then re-play them (i.e. NOT live) on the player. And to anyone claiming I'm and 'XM fanboy' for saying this: I live in the UK, I couldn't care less about satellite redio.


  • At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm an electrical engineer. I don't expect most of you to understand, but a truly portable satellite receiver is cost-prohibited, it can't be done. Let me explain. Satellite signals require a direct line-of-site path to the receiver. That's why DirecTV dishes are fixed and pointed in one direction. With a portable sat radio, you're walking all over the place, inside buildings, around buildings, etc., etc., it would require an infinite amount of satellite signal repeaters allover cities and inside buildings, costing 100's of millions. FM, Frequency Modulated, radio signals bounce around everywhere outside and inside buildings, that's why you can have a walkman FM radio. This is just not possible with satellite radio. XM has one, but 37% get returned because the owner's use-model(where he uses it and where he travels to with it on his daily routine) does not fit the requirements for walkman-like satellite radio. That's why today XM introduced a device just like the s-50, they know that the MyFi was a failure because of the technical limitations beyond their control. Retailers hate high-return products like XM's MyFi. I hope I've shared some light on this subject. The fact is that this type of MP3 recorder is the best solution if you don't want constant signal drop-out. It's just the way it is with satellite signals. Period. End of story. Those of you waiting for the perfect "live" portable satellite radio will be waiting forever. Just like we all know people who have been waiting for the fastest, lowest-price computers for the last 25 years.

    Yours SatLover


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