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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sirius radio over Wi-Fi networks

Sirius has recently registered the trademark Stiletto. Which we expect to coincide with their supposed next portable device. It is made from Zing and actually only delivers radio over Wi-Fi networks (an improvement over the S50 but not a solution just yet). The name Stiletto, seems to sound like a high fashion device, and makes sense to be ‘worn.’

Sirius is getting around to releasing a portable/wearable device that will receive live radio broadcasts, to compete with the XM Inno and Helix. Pictured above is the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled Zing prototype shown at D4. These “Wi-Fi Radios” have the ability to share music among friends, download music and upload data, and features a Buy Button (via
Yahoo). There’s also push-to-talk functionality via a Wi-Fi network as the device has a built-in speaker and microphone. This device will be able to stream Sirius over Wi-Fi not Satellite, bringing us closer to live radio but not there yet.


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