Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sirius radio over Wi-Fi networks

Sirius has recently registered the trademark Stiletto. Which we expect to coincide with their supposed next portable device. It is made from Zing and actually only delivers radio over Wi-Fi networks (an improvement over the S50 but not a solution just yet). The name Stiletto, seems to sound like a high fashion device, and makes sense to be ‘worn.’

Sirius is getting around to releasing a portable/wearable device that will receive live radio broadcasts, to compete with the XM Inno and Helix. Pictured above is the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled Zing prototype shown at D4. These “Wi-Fi Radios” have the ability to share music among friends, download music and upload data, and features a Buy Button (via
Yahoo). There’s also push-to-talk functionality via a Wi-Fi network as the device has a built-in speaker and microphone. This device will be able to stream Sirius over Wi-Fi not Satellite, bringing us closer to live radio but not there yet.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sirius to Move Beyond Audio

Sirius Satellite Radio has some expansion plans in the works that involve adding non-audio services such as sports scores, stock quotes, cartoons and music videos. They'll be upgrading their satellite infrastructure to deliver the new features, which won't break any current-generation receiver equipment, but if users want to take advantage of the new functionality they'll have to upgrade to the next-generation of Sirius radios. Prices for the new premium services and hardware haven't been set, but the full rollout is expected in the second half of next year.

The new technology requires upgrades to Sirius' satellite uplink and terrestrial repeater system, but the company notes that it should not affect existing Sirius radios. Customers who wish to add the services once they become available will need to buy Sirius' next-generation satellite radios, said Jim Collins, a company spokesman.

S50 - New Portable Sirius Satellite Radio Player

If you're serious about keeping your music with you at all times, the Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver and MP3/WMA Player System Pack may be just what you're looking for. Small enough for your shirt pocket, and loaded with all the accessories you need to play it over your car stereo, the Sirius S50 offers an intoxicating blend of satellite radio and digital music capabilities that are certain to transform your portable listening experience.

The Sirius S50 is an intelligent leap forward in Satellite Radio technology providing integration of both live and time shifted content for portable use, including MP3/WMA support and My SIRIUS Studio PC Software. The simplified user interface has a brilliant color screen, contextual media dial, and voice prompts for safe driving.Sirius S50 is a personalized satellite radio experience both on air and off. The many docking options have a simplified user interface for live content and up to 50 hours of intelligent time shifted playback. The slim portable player connects with the PC for downloading digital audio files from your personal music collection.The latest in Satellite Radio technology combines live reception within the home, car, or office with a portable player, which boasts a full color screen and over 50 hours of content storage. Add your favorite MP3's to recorded exclusive content from Sirius for personalized play lists with the PC Software.When placed in a powered dock with an antenna, the Sirius S50 receives live broadcasts from Sirius Radio and records content for playback in the home, car or when portable.

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